Odds & Ends

Does anyone know the lady on the giant rabbit,  and/or  where and/or when the picture was taken.  This was with a stack of photos listed as being the Street Family. 

Please email Admin@windingstreets.com with any information.

Is this Shirley Livingston Street?  If you know the answer, quickly,  let us all know!


You just have to admire the symmetry.  
But, pray tell, who are these ladies???  
Quick, be the first to let the world know!
She is beautiful.  
Alas, she is Maybelle McKellar Hill.  Thank you Pam Johns
Some say this is Isabelle Cosslett Phillips McKellar with infant.  
Others think this might be Marian Ruth Phillips Street.  
You can be the one to set the record straight.  
Call Now!!  Our operators are standing by!!
Who is this young girl holding her masked friend?
Maybe Isabelle on left?  YES, Isabelle Cosslett Phillips McKellar on left and Myrtle Elizabeth Phillips on the right.  Thanks again to Pam Johns
McKellars?  One mad little girl on left!