Our Family History

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Welcome to the section of our family website where we can share our precious photos, memories and stories. 

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The vision of this website is to share the history of our great and interesting family past.  So get with it and let us know, what you know, about our people!

about these pages

The Odds & Ends page is where you will find photos and or people or just missing information.  
See if you can help with some of the family mysteries!

If you are having trouble finding exactly the pages and or people that interest you , visit the Site Index Page, it designed to help navigate the pages on this site. 

Helpful ideas and suggestions on this site are welcomed.  Please note that this website has been designed by a neophyte. 

Take a minute to view the Thank You Page.  It lists all of you who have been kind enough to share  and/or participate in this endeavor of family research.  Who knows?  I may have made you famous and added your name!!

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